Sunday, May 31, 2009

Is Yoon a grief councilor or city councilor?

Dave Wedge of the Herald reports:

What’s ‘the story’?

Mayoral hopeful Sam Yoon had a bizarre tete-a-tete with a Herald reporter this week at a Dorchester murder victim’s home.

Crashing an interview with the family of slain 29-year-old mother Deanna Watkins, the city councilor pleaded with the scribe to ignore his presence, insisting he was “not the story.”

But then Yoon interrupted the interview and launched into a self-righteous soliloquy, demanding the media “get this woman’s story out immediately.” He admonished the reporter for a story that upset the family, apparently unaware the article ran in a different newspaper. Yoon’s mouthpiece later called the Herald demanding the solon be quoted in the story about Watkins’ slaying. He was not.

But thanks to his head-scratching antics, he has managed to make himself part of “the story.”

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