Friday, May 29, 2009

Bay State Banner still says Menino must go!!

In another unequivocal editorial today the Bay State Banner rejects Tom Menino's bid for a 5th term.

They end with:

The developers had no choice but to accept the 18-month extension offered by Menino, even though that may not solve their problem. There is still a freeze on credit for commercial real estate development. No one knows for certain when investment funds will be available again. A sincere gesture of support by Menino would have been an extension of 18 months after a moratorium until the economic recession abates.

The fact remains: Menino’s rejection of the Elma Lewis project is an insult to the community. There is nothing in the mayor’s educational background to suggest that he is more competent than the combined intellect and judgment of the members of the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan Oversight Committee. Menino apparently has a plan for the site that does not benefit the residents of Roxbury.

A fifth term for Menino is one too many.

When you compare the 18 months that Menino has given them with the years and years (I've seen at least one 30 year timeline) that Menino is giving Columbus Center and other projects you realize that Menino is not being honest with Elma Lewis Partners. The City of Boston has halted construction on the Ferdinand Building in Dudley Square because of the global financial problems, but not a mile away up Tremont Street they want to hold the minorities to a different standard? Separate and Not Equal is definitely NOT EQUAL. If I was Mayor I would give them a longer time frame, and work with them to put together what needs to be done to make it a viable project. I have met many people in the area, particularly in Roxbury, who are willing to wait to make this vision a reality.

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Anonymous said...

You should check with Keith Hunt, Deputy Director of, to find out to whom Menino is distributing his $40 million in HUD low-interest loan money. The Elma Lewis Partners should apply for some of that assistance. The last I heard, the developers being considered for the HUD loan money included the luxury, triple-zoning-height W Hotel in the Park Plaza area -- although it is already built; and a project at 212 Stuart Street that already had private financing but prefers this financing because it's lower interest (at public expense).