Thursday, May 14, 2009

Visiting Senior Centers

I have started the rounds of the Senior Centers from Southie to Charlestown and out to Jamaica Plain and I'm always reminded of the wisdom that comes with age. They have heard politicians give them empty promises and are cynical but hopeful. They also know that by voting they have power. I'm also impressed by how magnanimous they can be, caring not so much for themselves but for the younger generations. They care about good schools and affordable housing.

So far many of the personal concerns are about health care, safety and transportation. Many have given up driving and they depend on the T so they care about the cuts. The people in Charlestown today on Bunker Hill Street talked about empty political promises to help and how about the increased amounts of violence in the street.

I made my first campaign promise: if I win, I will get them a new picnic table. A number of politicians have promised to help but it has been two years since they were supposed to get one in September. That is a promise I hope to be in a position to keep!

Thanks guys!

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