Monday, June 01, 2009

Talking about the Parks

Received this email, hope people can speak out. Why is it that we are cutting the Parks budget which everyone uses, but not the BRA budget when there is a lull in construction and development?

This Monday, June 1st is the only time the park-using public can weigh in on the city's parks budget for the coming year. It's during work hours in the morning at City Hall. But if you are free, we'd love to have Franklin Park and other greenspace advocates there. Reply to this email with your phone number and I'll call Sunday evening to let you know what it will be like. If you care about public safety and hope the horse patrols can be saved; if you'd like to see more programming in our parks or have witnessed unmet maintenance needs, this is a great place to speak out. The already bare-bones park budget will be cut by another 5% - we're going to see the difference and need to let city officials know this is unacceptable.

Christine Poff
Franklin Park Coalition

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