Thursday, May 14, 2009

Showing how petty and vindictive Menino is:

A few weeks ago the Boston Globe did a story on how the inspectional service department came to Sam Yoon's office and warned him that if he had 60% of his windows covered with signs he would be fined. Of course the Mayor's people said this had nothing to do with Sam Yoon being in the race. Just like me criticizing Menino has nothing to do with me having the highest taxed brownstone in the South End.

Well the building on the corner of Mass Ave and Tremont Street used to have a Rent a Center on the first floor. Its windows have been covered up for months, even years, I can't remember how long. Since every inspector in the City is on Mass Ave every day (the headquarters is at 1010 Mass Ave.) You would think one of them would have warned these people about the terrible hazard this is that they warned Yoon about.

Sure we don't have selective enforcement in this City. Just like the Mayor said he would only serve for two terms.

I Would Say about 99.9 percent of those windows are covered:

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