Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Menino pays for gay excluding parade but not Tall Ships

Yvonne Abraham wrote a good article in todays Globe about how petty Menino is about the Tall Ships.

Yesterday I called the City to confirm who pays for the South Boston parade. The City confirmed that we the taxpayers pay for all the police and fire details and the cleanup. Now Menino gets a lot of credit from the GLBT groups in the City for refusing to march in the parade. However, he does pay for the police details during the parade which this year were raised even higher in an attempt to cut down on public rowdiness. The cost for this one date event in Southie is hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Why doesn't the Mayor require the South Boston Parade group which excludes gays to pay for their police details up front, or at all like he is making the Sail Boston people do? It seems a bit hypocritical to me.


Rob said...

Who are you referring to as "the city" that you spoke to?

seanh said...

It seems like Menino wants it both ways, he wants accolades for saying the parade wrongly excludes gays and lesbians, but forces us the taxpayers to pay for this bigoted group. If they want to have a private party and exclude people of certain races, ethnic origins and orientations, the law seems to be on their side, but should I as a taxpayer have to be forced to pay for bigotry?