Monday, May 11, 2009

Sam Yoon on WBUR

Sam Yoon was on WBUR this morning.

He is advocating for an increase in charter schools to lift the cap on the number of them in the city. He said he is not for performance pay, but is for something called "combat pay". He talked about "challenging" everyone in schools to look at how we do things.

He said there shouldn't be any layoffs in the City.

He has lifted more of my ideas that I was advocating for 4 years ago in the City Council race: getting rid of all the surplus property that the City has, and of course, transparency. What has he done about these things in the last 4 years?

This is Sam Yoon's idea of transparency.
He refuses to answer any questions about this pension giveaway, and his campaign manager Jim Spencer says that Sam was just "going along to get along."

It is behaviour like this from Yoon and Flaherty, signed off by Menino which turns voters off from the whole electoral process. They talk about transparency then pass things like this for their buddies on the inside which the rest of us have to pay for.

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