Monday, May 25, 2009

Wonderful article in NY Times about the joys, thinking and satisfaction that come with working with your hands

Of course, this article, has to do with a man who takes his Ph.D and think tank job in Washington and leaves it to work on old motorcycles.

As Clara and I traveled around the world fixing things in dusty front yards in the ghetto's of Nicaragua, or in a machine shop in Mexico, to a military base in Pakistan I was constantly reminded of the satisfaction of being able to do tangible things with your hands. A real camaraderie exists for workers in the trades who really know how to get things done.

I enjoy the fact that I still visit my jobsites nearly every day, still get my hands dirty, and perhaps the most fun, still maintain my motorcycles by myself.

As Mayor, I will expand and show appreciation for the trade school in our city, Madison Park. There are many excellent graduates from this school, and programs, and we should encourage young men and women to think about the trades as an honorable place to work.

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Seeking Justice said...


Folks need to recognize that their is honor in any professional job.

That is what we brought to Youth back in 1992 with the Education Coalition and it's still true today.-c