Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Chronology of Debates

1) Back in February I suggested to Sam Yoon and Michael Flaherty that the three of us start holding debates since the Mayor was being so coy about whether he was running or not.
Sam readily agreed, but Michael said they would only debate if the Mayor was there.

2) Last month John Romano from Flaherty's office sent a letter to the Mayor congratulating him on joining the race and suggesting that the candidates sit down and work out a debate schedule including Sam and me. We set up a date of last Wednesday to do so, but then that was scrapped when 10 people pulled papers for the Mayor's race and we decided to put it off until after it was determined who would be on the ballot.

3) The Mayor today unilaterally decides that he will participate in 3 debates. His people haven't spoken to us, and I don't believe to Yoon or Flaherty either. Typical of his dictatorial style.

4) From David Bernstein's column it would seem as if Flaherty and Yoon believe as I do that we should have as many debates as the people would like.

Currently I have heard from WBUR, MASSVOTE, BNN, and various community groups and Ward Committees who have indicated an interest in holding debates. I know I will be happy to attend any community group or media outlet that would like to hear from the candidates.

The fact that Menino says he doesn't have time for a debate is a joke. He is currently spending nearly 2 hours every day handing out flowers (paid for with Taxpayer money from the Boston Parks Department!)and avoiding tough questions at various parks around the city. If he has time for that he should have time to answer some serious questions

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