Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mayor still collecting signatures

I was at the Harbor Garage meeting last night and met a woman who was still collecting signatures for the Mayor despite the fact he already has over 20,000 and has qualified for the ballot.

This is how much the Mayor thinks about democracy he is intentionally trying to confuse and I believe disenfranchise voters. He knows that many of them do not understand the signature process and so when we ask them to sign for us they say "I have signed already" or "I have voted already". This makes it even harder for people like Sam Yoon and me to get on the ballot since we don't have thousands of city workers who feel (maybe obliged?) to take a day off and collect signatures for him.

The woman at the Garage meeting told me she was collecting signatures to curry favor with the Mayor. A bit different from saying she really thought he should be on the ballot.

To qualify for the ballot in Boston is 7 times more difficult than NYC. If we were truly a progressive city don't you think it should be easy to get people involved in the election process?


little miss possible said...

Good luck with the race and collecting signatures! It does sound like there's confusion about the signature process, but don't let it burn you out.

Christopher King said...

It's because they don't want people like Kevin in the race.

Boston is in many ways about as progressive as a Stalinist regime, none of which will change with Mumbles around.