Friday, May 22, 2009

Where was Menino instead of taking calls like Yoon, Flaherty and McCrea

Instead of coming on WBUR like the rest of the candidates Menino was supporting his wife from 11 to 1 as she received an honorary degree from one of the local universities. He was in internal meetings after that.

So really, the Mayor wasn't doing city business for two hours in the middle of a business day he was taking care of family business.

Get ready for a long summer of the Mayor avoiding questions of substance such as:

1) Why did you write contracts giving all city workers an average of a 5.5% raise this year with even higher increases in pension and health care costs?

2) Why do only 56% of our high school kids graduate? Why do only 13% of our kids get college degrees?

3) Why do you continually give our land away for free to the BRA when we don't have enough money for police and teachers?

4) Why is the rate of violence going up?

5) Why are you giving tax breaks to the rich, and not enough summer jobs to kids to do useful things like clean up our parks, streets, and neighborhoods?

6) Why are the streets in such bad condition?

7) Why do you want to put the BTD under control of the BRA?

8) Why have you let so many projects go forward without performance bonds or other guarantees, thus ripping holes in the fabric of our city?

9) Why has the city added 1200 more workers in the last 5 years and only 100 are teachers and 200 are cops? What are the others doing?

10) Why are liquor licenses being given out without any public process in our neighborhoods?

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