Friday, May 22, 2009

Obama pushing Open and Transparent Government

Colleagues: Today, the White House kicked off an unprecedented process forpublic engagement in policymaking on In a sea change fromconventional practice, Administration officials are not asking for commentson an already-finished set of draft recommendations, but are seeking freshideas from you early in the process of creating recommendations. They willcarefully consider your comments, suggestions, and proposals. Please helpus spread the word about this unique initiative. Here’s how the public engagement process will work. It will take place in 3phases: Brainstorming, Discussion, and Drafting. Beginning today, they will have a brainstorming session for suggestingideas for the open government recommendations. You can vote on suggestedideas or add your own. Then on June 3rd, the most compelling ideas fromthe brainstorming will be fleshed out on a weblog in a discussion phase. OnJune 15th, they will invite you to use a wiki to draft recommendations incollaborative fashion. These three phases will build upon one another and inform the crafting ofrecommendations on open government. Thank you for participating. Open and effective government can only beachieved with everyone’s active engagement. We hope you will lend yourinsights, experience, and expertise to improve your government andstrengthen democracy. Join the Brainstorming that has already begun!

To learn more, visit:

Kim Ainsworth, Executive DirectorGreater Boston Federal Executive BoardThomas P. O'Neill, Jr. Federal Building10 Causeway Street,Suite 350 (NOTE NEW SUITE # Effective 5/20/09)Boston, MA 02222Phone: 617/565-6769

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