Friday, May 29, 2009

How does New Orleans beat us to this stuff?

After Hurricane Katrina I went down to New Orleans and helped out/worked for two years with Habitat for Humanity and for private homeowners. I ended up buying an historic building that I renovated and added some units of housing to the local housing stock. I stay in touch with my neighborhood association (The Irish Channel Association, naturally!) and just got this email today.

Hi Neighbors,

Listen to's live NOPD police scanner. ProjectNOLA developed this channel in effort to help keep locals aware of crimes in progress, active dangerous threats, and suspicious activity in their area. In addition, it is their hope that the local community will gain a better appreciation and understanding of the dangers and hardships experienced by those who daily risk their lives... to protect and serve ours.


Wendy Waren
Board Member, Irish Channel Neighborhood Association

Now maybe it is because crime is worse down there that this is more useful to residents, but maybe someone enterprising enough could set this up in Boston. Of course, my goal as Mayor would be to try and build a society where the airwaves of a station like this are nothing but occasional static.

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