Saturday, May 23, 2009

Yoon taking more and more of my positions-now wants to do away with the BRA

Sam has been 'borrowing', or coming around to my position, or "wifi-ing" as he calls it when the Mayor steals others ideas.

The most recent is on Friday on WBUR when he came out and said we need to do away with the BRA something I have been saying for 4 years now. I assume that Sam will introduce a motion ASAP to hold a hearing on those huge step towards bringing accountability to planning and development in the City.

In today's Herald Sam also comes out blasting the Licensing Board. As far as I know he has done nothing about it, but I will watching out for the hearing I'm sure he will be calling for to look into them. I haven't heard him say anything about the raises they have received from $60,000 a year to $85,000 a year (with retroactive pay). He certainly hasn't contacted the District Attorney as I have asking them to look into the lack of transparency in how they operate.

But then again, Sam likes to operate his own deals in the back room, like the one he and the Mayor worked out behind closed doors on Winthrop Square garage. Or how about the 40% increase in a salary and pension abuse for a connected insider that Yoon, Flaherty and Menino all participated in.

Yoon recently called for the City to sell all of its excess land something I have been talking about since I ran for City Council four years ago, and I have been saying on the stump again this year. Once again, what has Sam been doing for 4 years? When will he introduce legislation to do this?

Flaherty hasn't been much better. After voting for budgets twice the rate of inflation since he has been council president he now wants to make government smaller? After being head of the most fined City or Town legislative body in Massachusetts history and doing legal work for unknown clients while being head of that body he now says he wants a transparent government? You can't make this stuff up.

Sam and Michael both have ideas that I agree with, in particular the 311 system and an accountability program such as CityStat. I give them credit for bringing them up, but again why not introduce some legislation, work to get it passed and put it on the Mayor's desk?

At least with the Mayor you know he just wants to keep raising taxes, spending more money and hiring more people who do undefined things, but lay off police and teachers who are not as bendable to his will during election time.

We need a change to someone who is not going to give out political useless jobs, waste our money, and then tell the public we have to raise taxes to pay for cops and teachers. This has to stop.

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