Wednesday, May 20, 2009

City Agency in charge of people getting the proper permits doesn't get their own permits

The Globe today has an article about two employees working overtime to do some odd jobs. One of the most telling things I thought about the story is how they didn't obtain building permits to do any of the work.

This, in a nutshell, is how our city works. If you are on the inside the rules do not apply to you. Even in the agency responsible for getting permits approved from large scale projects to tinier ones that need zoning exemptions the BRA is the agency you need to deal with that has exact deadlines and requirements for getting those permits. Of course, none of that applies to the BRA for their own jobs.

Another thing to notice is how the BRA says they are facing a budget crisis but they actually haven't done anything and aren't likely to do so. Construction is down tremendously in this city but have they had any wage freezes or layoffs at the BRA? Of course not. Why layoff people in an independent agency with no oversight just because the work load is down when the City can layoff teachers and police officers.

That is the City our Mayor has provided us.

We need a change!


snsh said...

Boston City Hall is 40 years old, and for the longest time never had an occupancy permit. The city just issued itself one a couple of years ago.

the zak said...

Your broadcast on WGBH Boston Channel 2 tonight about the Total Transparency Project should be noted by all. Please list the broadcast repeats on Channels 2 and 44 !

Boston Election Commission has been denying or delaying enquiries for the addresses for email or websites of candidates that have been included with candidates' correspondence.