Thursday, May 21, 2009

Globe writing about Yoon's backer Honda making racial remarks

The Globe today wrote a story about Congressman Honda's comment that for too long in Boston the 'Irish have it'. Apparently there had been a number of calls to Congressman Honda complaining about the remark. The Globe called me to ask if I had made any calls, which of course I had not. They asked me to comment which I also declined to do.

I think many of us really were hoping that the election of Obama would move us into a 'post-racial' world, where we identify with people's positions, their values, their experience and what they say they will do as opposed to what their race, gender or sexual orientation is.

I know that in talking to thousands of voters so far, people are turned off by this type of politics. Barack Obama didn't go around saying 'if I get elected I will be the first black president', he won because of his immense skills, his knowledge, his talent and his ability to lay out a future that a majority of Americans wanted to be a part of.

I hope that the Globe and the candidates will start talking about the issues and how they will affect all Bostonians.

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