Friday, June 19, 2009

Globe outlines how petty and short sighted Menino is

Scott Lehigh spells it out about Menino has been petty and mismanaged the Tall Ships event.

A friend of mine who scheduled her party for the event back in January canceled her party a few weeks ago. She is retired, has beautiful 10th floor condo on Prince Street (that I renovated) and was going to have a wonderful party with 30 or 40 people who would have come into the City, spent their money and enjoyed a wonderful day to show off our wonderful City.

Thanks to Menino's pettiness, this event has been lessened and left everyone with a bad taste in their mouth. And ruined at least one great party, and chance for old friends to get together. Menino runs his life and our city day to day and doesn't understand how other people plan ahead for things. Like schools, roads, infrastructure, planning, etc.

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