Sunday, June 21, 2009

The sorry state of athletics in the Boston Public Schools (Where have Flaherty, Yoon and Menino been on this?)

Bob Hohler of the Boston Globe does a great front page story today on the sorry state of the athletic programs in the Boston Public Schools. I knew that some of the facilities were not that great, and I knew that kids from around the City choose different high schools because of their athletic programs, for example some of the best baseball players go to Brighton, and the best basketball players go to Charlestown, but I had no idea the prevalence across the city of the problem.

There is also a video online with the Athletic Director Ken Still. In the video Mr. Still explains that one of the things that he does is "preaching to the City Council" about his issues.

I'm sure that Yoon and Flaherty will try and say that this is another failure by the Menino administration, but the truth is that all 3 of them have been complicit in this. Yoon and Flaherty have had the opportunity to look at the school budgets, make recommendations and let the public know if anything is not up to par. I've heard nothing but silence until they wanted to run for Mayor.

This is another reason we need to make a serious effort towards returning to neighborhood schools. We don't have enough money for programs, for teachers, for athletics but we can ship kids around the city to different schools without programs.

Neighborhood schools also foster neighborhood pride and interest in these schools and their sports programs and make it easier for kids, parents and neighbors to participate.

How is that the city keeps giving away parks to our local colleges to use for their athletic facilities and we aren't getting to use them for our schools?

We need to start addressing these problems not throwing them under the rug.

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