Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Menino = Liar?

Today is June 30, 2009. A month ago the Mayor agreed to sit down with Sam Yoon, Michael Flaherty and I by July 1st at the latest to talk about debates.

We offered to meet with him any time, any where, any place of his convenience. His debate coordinator Ed Fouey and campaign manager Emily Nolan said they would respond to our emails. Nothing.

This is the disdain Menino has for the citizens of the city, for his opponents and for the press. He wont answer questions, he won't honor his commitments, and he won't have a conversation about the future of the City.

I really don't understand why people tolerate this in their elected officials.

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Christian said...

Public Officials seeking re-election are candidates. A candidate has an inherent obligation to not only court his/her perceived power-base, but the widest possible audience for the office being sought. Ignoring opponents is not something good Democrats and honorable public servants do. It is disrespectful to the people and high-handed toward the other candidates.

We call upon Candidate Menino to honor the deal his campaign made with Mayoral Candidates McCrea, Flaherty and Yoon and schedule the public forums needed to bring the issues before our city's voters.
Do not cheat the good people of Boston by denying us our Democratic process to elect a mayor.

We need to see debate, interaction, and the defense of one's positions to make an informed decision about our city's leadership. Leadership is facilitating the electoral process by being available and transparent, not pretending the process does not exist.

Running for mayor is not supposed to be easy. It does not make for a regular schedule, because being Mayor of the City of Boston means more sacrifice and greater availability to the people. We implore you to remember that you to are a candidate, Mr. Mayor, and you owe us your best effort. Do not hide behind City Hall. Answer your challengers and honor the process.

Chris Kulikoski
Candidate, Boston City Council, District 1