Monday, June 29, 2009

Great turnout at Hibernian Hall tonight

Almost all of the City Council at Large candidates were there tonight, 3 of the District 7 candidates and Michael Flaherty, Sam Yoon and I were all there.

Of course, the Mayor wasn't there, he would have had to answer 3 or 4 softball questions and give 2 minute answers to capacity crowd in Roxbury. Why would the Mayor want to have to answer questions?

I was impressed with many of the at large candidates, Sam was his usual speaking for change of the non-committal variety and Michael echoed my comments about enforcing the Boston Jobs Policy. Of course, it is hard to believe that he is going to enforce a policy which he has turned a blind eye to for 10 years.

I felt hand cuffed by the time constraints (as I'm sure all the candidates did) and was not incredibly pleased with my performance. But, many people stopped me after the forum was over to ask about specific information and that they liked what I had to say.

Got to go to bed, radio interview at 7:30 on 1510 am--tune in!

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