Monday, June 29, 2009

Who believes these guys?

Here is Sam Yoon today on elections:

“It points to the need for campaign finance reform, because the whole idea is to have a level playing field,’’ Councilor Sam Yoon said. “And if we level the playing field and make campaigns and elections fair, the candidate with the best ideas ought to win.’’

Here is his campaign manager Jim Spencer yesterday on raising the cap on how much donors can give:

Jim Spencer, chief strategist for Yoon, called the state’s campaign finance law, with its $500-per-year limit on individual contributions, “an incumbent protection’’ mechanism.

So, Yoon wants to level the playing field by allowing rich people to give more money to candidates? I remember when he first was running for City Council and he proudly announced he was third highest in contributions (behind Flaherty and Connolly) as a sign of how popular he was. Now that he is again third in contributions he wants to level the playing field? I haven't heard in four years on the City Council him introducing a single campaign finance reform bill. Funny how they want to level the playing field when it isn't in their favor any more!

Meanwhile, Michael Flaherty has some hard to believe words about this years budget:

“I cannot support a budget for a government that has not conducted a rigorous, sweeping performance review that is required to squeeze out all waste,” Flaherty said.

So, Flaherty votes for the budget every year for the last nine years but in the first year that the budget actually goes down he can't vote for it because it doesn't squeeze out the waste? Are we supposed to believe that he thought the last nine budgets had squeezed out all the waste?

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