Thursday, June 04, 2009

Positive, Busy Night

Spent last night at the Youth Shines Art Auction, followed by the MASS CLU celebration and awards dinner and finally at the five year anniversary party for El Planeta where we just missed the Governor. It was nice to be able to spend a fun night out with my wife Clara as well.

What is encouraging is how many people who are coming up to me when they see my button and saying "are you Kevin?" and then talking about how interested they are in my campaign. Many people are saying that they realize Flaherty is just a younger version of Menino, and that they are disappointed in Yoon not taking a stand on anything and trying to be on both sides of every issue. They are frustrated, as am I (and the other candidates), about the lack of media attention.

I know that Sam, Michael and I would like to talk about substantive issues, whereas the Mayor would like to run and hide as far as he can from answering questions. I wish Michael and Sam would answer questions about why they haven't been working so hard and proposing so many things in the last 10 and 4 years of their time on the council?

One good piece of news is that in talking to Univision and Stephen Mindich, publisher of El Planeta they both said that their business is up slightly. There is real growth in the targeted ethnic media business.

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