Tuesday, June 02, 2009

MassEquality endorses without an equal process

Mass Equality endorsed the incumbent today without ever contacting me. I wonder if they contacted Yoon or Flaherty.

My response to Bay Windows:

"I'm often asked 'what is something that you like that the Mayor has done?' and I usually answer that I have been impressed with his support for the GLBT community which I have seen up close as a long time member of the South End community.' However, more can be done. For example, the Mayor still pays for the police and fire overtime for the South Boston Parade which he refuses to do for the Tall Ships. As Mayor, I would use that leverage of hundreds of thousands of dollars to breaking down that last vestige of discrimination. I am disappointed that Mass Equality would not even contact me so that they could hear what I could do for the city, and for the chance to learn more about their issues. However, I am proud of the GLBT support from across the city that I have received, and proud of the fact that I kicked off my campaign in the home of my friends Barry and Kevin, who've been together for almost twenty years in Dorchester. I am looking forward to the citizens of Boston being more open minded to progress."

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