Monday, June 08, 2009

More Mayoral Debates!!

It seems like more and more TV stations are thinking of holding debates.

I am hoping that they all schedule their own debates, maybe on different topics (education/crime/development/TRANSPARENCY!!!). I hope they are not bullied by the Mayor who says he will only debate in two before the primary and one after. It would be great if they stood up and acted unilaterally. I know that Yoon, Flaherty and I have all said we would like there to be as much discussion about the future as possible.

We have already been invited to two debates after the election, how can Menino try to say he will only do one? He has said he doesn't want to talk about the past, and he has no plans for the future on his website, surely that must mean he wants to explain his vision on TV!?

Here is WCVB:


WCVB-TV Boston is extending this invitation to debate in the Boston Mayoral election.

We are proposing these dates listed below with the understanding that the debates will go forward if all candidates agree to debate.

Dates: September 8, 7-8 pm Preliminary Debate, October 20, 7-8 pm General Debate

Location: WCVB-TV studios (no audience)

Format: The hour would be broken into several sections.

1. Moderator/reporter questions to the candidates
2. Candidate to candidate questions
3. Citizen questions from our web site TheBostonChannel
and taped street interviews in Boston neighborhoods
4. Candidate closing remarks

*These debates will be open to any candidate on the ballot who receives at least 5% in Boston mayoral polls taken from July 1 through August 31.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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the zak said...

Ask candidates how our city can make it so the spirit is actually observed for sunshine open meetings principles, the spirit of freedom of information public records principles observed in practice in every department of city government... and how appeals be made within city government expeditiously.