Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yoon and Flaherty "borrowing" more ideas from me

It seems like I'm providing a good public service to Councilor's Yoon and Flaherty. They can listen to me, read my website, and then take my ideas and use their councilors pulpit to get publicity. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and I'm happy that these ideas will get out into the public to try and make the City a better place.

Today Flaherty gets an article in the Globe about his ideas on crime where he mentions an idea I just posted on my blog last week.

Over at the Herald they have a story about how Sam Yoon now wants to eliminate the power of the BRA, which is exactly what I have been saying needs to be done for the last 4 years. Nice of Sam to jump on my bandwagon. When Sam, Michael and I were on WBUR about a month ago Sam talked about getting rid of the BRA and I asked his campaign manager when Sam decided to join me on this issue and he said "I think right now."

How can we trust these politicians? They do one thing for years and now that they want the job of the guy they have been supporting for years, they say they are for the opposite things.

I hope people will consider my candidacy. I have been consistent in calling for open, honest government where elected officials are accountable to the citizens. I look forward to being able to present my case to the citizens.

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