Tuesday, June 02, 2009

WRKO's Feinburg accuses Flaherty of being a shill for Firefighters Union

Todd Feinberg of WRKO straight out says to Michael Flaherty that he sounds like "a representative of the Firefighters Union." You can hear it here.

Michael is opposed to the Mayor trying to get state legislation passed to make mandatory random drug testing for safety personnel. He says that it is the Mayor's fault that this has not been implemented in a contract with the Firefighters Union which has endorsed councilor Flaherty.

I have spoken to many firefighters who say they support drug and alcohol testing, they just want to get paid extra for that testing as part of their collective bargaining.

I support a true random drug and alcohol test for the firefighters, the police (who have a testing program), and other safety personnel. If you have to take a drug test to get a job at Home Depot, than surely we should test for these incredibly important jobs.

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