Saturday, June 06, 2009

How to solve the downtown crossing problem

One of the great terms for getting things done is to be a 'rainmaker'. A good Mayor should be a 'rainmaker' for his city.

Right now we have two giant skyscraper projects being proposed where there are perfectly good buildings presently which are making money for their owners, are paying good taxes, and are within their zoning limits. The garages at One Congress and at the Aquarium. However, their respective owners are trying to get zoning relief to build 4 times or more the allowed limit. Both groups say they have the money and are ready to build.

Meanwhile at Downtown Crossing we have a bombed out crater of a building with a builder who can't get any financing. If I was Mayor I would be working my tail off to broker a deal so that these developers who have money could come in and make Downtown Crossing happen sooner rather than later.

As a (not nearly so big) developer I know that I don't care where the project is as long as I'm making money on it. If someone comes to me with a deal and wants to broker something I'm open to it. As Mayor I would get involved with this, find out what the numbers are and get players either in or out in order to get this project going.

We should be looking to finish projects already started before giving out zoning exemptions to take down more perfectly good buildings in the heart of our City.

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