Monday, June 08, 2009

Weekend Update!

Things are starting to pick up in the City politics wise. I was invited to a house party in Allston friday night, met a bunch of excited new, young voters and as I was leaving around midnight I was welcomed by some other recent new residents, a pair of rats running from some bushes right past me. I have heard from many residents about the rat problem out there, and it is clearly palpable.

Saturday I had to teach Motorcycle Safety Class in Charlestown, but I did get to see the big Charlestown event that day a collection of real trucks, from backhoe's to street sweepers to tractor trailers. There were hundreds of kids there with their parents enjoying the excellent show. Later it was my local Claremont Neighborhood Association Street Fair which was a big success. Funny stories were told about how archaic the Mayor's permit process is to get a permit do even something as simple as closing down a one way side street for a neighborhood event.

Sunday started early with basketball at Malcolm X Park in Roxbury. Fellow Mayoral candidate Gareth Saunders and I teamed up with another 'over 40' team member to beat 3 youth in a game of 3 on 3 by the huge margin of 15-3.

Then it was off to the Dorchester Day Parade. My team and I had a great time handing out beads to the kids from Mardi Gras, pamphlets to the adults and a few kisses here and there in exchange for promised votes! See some pictures here.

Update: see pictures of Obama and I at the Dot Day parade from another blog!!

Busy week ahead getting the message out about Open, Honest Transparent Government.

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Christopher King said...

Motorcycle safety means wearing all gear all the time and being courteous and cautious of others.

Good to see you today Kevin.

Here are some pics and video.


-The KingCaster.