Tuesday, June 16, 2009

multiple events tonight

I got to visit Wheelock College where the Metro Lacrosse awards were being given. Don Rodman made a nice speech about the difference between being charitable and being philanthropic. The essential difference being that philanthropic people leverage their charity to bringing about even bigger results. Many happy kids and parents.

Then it was off to the Ditson Street Senior Housing center for the local CDC annual meeting. Local C-11 Captain received an award and we had a nice chat about the state of things in Dorchester. I'm impressed with the honesty of many city workers, teachers, police officers and others who are clear that they are happy with the pay they receive. They are even magnanimous towards others, for example the officer speaking about how underpaid the A.D.A's are.

Again saw some old friends, made some new ones including a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who was impressed with my Vietnamese and my knowledge of Buddhism. Our trip around the world has given me a much greater understanding of the structural and cultural backgrounds of many people that I wouldn't otherwise have.

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