Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Voter Lists for sale to other candidates & stories of campaign promises

I went to an ACORN meeting earlier this summer that was held to show how to get people involved in the electoral process and for progressive candidates to learn how to campaign more effectively. At the meeting a member of Felix Arroyo's team told about identifying "strong" voters by their voting patterns and said that getting these voter lists was very helpful in running a campaign. I asked him later where I could get these voting lists and he gave me the name of Bob Lelievre. We contacted Mr. Lelievre's group and looked at their website. We sent a number of emails back and forth, found out that their voter information disc costs $600 and then when we went to buy it, they said "sorry, we're already supporting Felix Arroyo and Sam Yoon and we can't sell you the disc." That seemed very odd to me, you would think they would want to make more money, and that they would sell to an independent, progressive minded person. I smelled something fishy. I asked Sam Yoon if he minded me getting the information and he obfuscated. Could it possibly be that Felix and Sam didn't want me to have access to this information? Impossible to prove, but I guess it is a battle between all comers so any advantage one can get they should use I suppose.

I have never understood the mentality of bullet voting for one person. You are essentially saying "I know I'll get three people I don't agree with, but I'll have one I like". But in a democracy, that is a losing mentality. You lose 3-1 every time. And I want to have a winning mentality, so I'm going to be voting for 4 people. Who wants to have 1/4 of a voice? Felix is getting one of my votes, if for no other reason than he has spoken out against the closed door meetings the city council holds. I've voted for him in the last two elections after meeting him at a streetcorner 4 years ago. My other two votes are up in the air, and there are many good candidates, we'll see how it goes.

Anyway, because some of my favorite things are equality, equal access to information, and capitalism I'm making the voter lists available to any candidate who would like them (from Michael Flaherty to Michael Cote) for the low, low, low price of $450. We have the same voter information of who the consistent voters are in the elections (about 90,000 in Boston), we have them broken down by zip code (if you are a district candidate), and we have phone numbers of the people who have provided that information. Since the "progressives" wouldn't allow us equal access to this information, we did our own computational work and are happy to spread the information. Because, as usual, an informed voter is our best voter! Just shoot us an email at electkevin@gmail.com if you are interested.

Progressive is defined as "favoring, working for, or characterized by progress or improvement, as through political or social reform". Let there be no mistake, that I am for progress and improvement in the areas of housing, education and equal access to government, and I will be voting for people who believe in progress not keeping the status quo.

I was at a campaign event celebrating Ukraine on Sunday. Maura Hennigan was also there. When she spoke, she promised that if mayor, all the schoolchildren in Boston would learn about the Ukrainian genocide of the 1930's. These are the type of political promises that I hate to hear. Candidates saying things that a particular crowd wants to hear. If she gets elected I will try and remember to follow up on this. It reminds me of John Kerry's website which said that he was going to work on American Indian affairs each and every day of his presidency. Please. The reason people don't take politicians seriously, is that they say things that are clearly pandering. I have promised alot, like visiting every school, but I haven't promised more than I believe I can deliver.

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