Monday, August 29, 2005

Rumors and Funny stories....

I can't attest to the veracity of any of this, but thought you'd like to hear some of the stuff I hear on the campaign trail.

Felix Arroyo's office allegedly sent out an email saying if you can't get in touch with their office it's because they haven't paid their phone bill, from way back....

I was talking with a woman at a meeting in Cleary Square Sunday who said that she didn't like a particular city councilor because when she was driving a cab once and picked this guy up for a fare to the Erie Pub, and despite the fact that he is married, he tried to pick her up. Maura Hennigan was standing next to her and we both had a look of disbelief on our faces. I won't use the councilor's name because you hear a lot of crazy stories on the campaign trail, but I promise not to try and pick anyone up when I get married to Clara!

A reporter told me that the rumor mill currently has Menino trying to install Consalvo as the next city council president, then retiring and installing Consalvo as Mayor in a deal to conserve all the Hyde Park city jobs. The same reporter told me that he heard that Michael Flaherty's father has said he'll do whatever it takes including selling some property to make sure Michael is the next Mayor.

Apparently a sign guy who has worked for Stephen Murphy in the past finding places to put up signs is now working for Matt O'Malley. I have so much to learn. I didn't know you paid people to put signs up, I thought it was because people supported you!

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