Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Don't trust the media!!!! Money & Politics

Well the last 36 hours have been quite the experience. I have a few more notches of cynicysm in my belt.

I have always planned on putting a large chunk of money into this campaign. I knew that I would be completing a development project around August, and when that project was done I could put some dinero into the campaign. I had told some of the other candidates how jealous I was of them because while they were out fundraising and campaigning I was often working because I had prior commitments. I got the Certificate of Occupancy on Bubbles Carwash today so that is another project completed.

Yesterday at around noon I put a check into my campaign account for $200,000.00. At around 2 p.m. my fiance and campaign treasurer put the information on line as required. Within a few hours the Globe's top city reporter Andrea Estes had called, followed by Kevin Rothstein at the Herald and Jim O'Sullivan from Dorchester.
I knew that people look at the campaign finance accounts, but EVERY HOUR???? Does the press have anything better to do? Maybe do some profiles on the candidates about where they stand on the issues, or some of the BRA land giveaway meetings. My positions and actions haven't changed, did I really become that interesting because I loaned my campaign money.

So, the Herald did their first story about me (nothing about the issues), the Globe did a fairly large article and found a photo of me that made me look like a fat Cat. I actually had someone from ISD call me and ask if I'd put on a lot of weight (NO! --I have to look good for the wedding next month!)
Today some more of the local papers called me, and a ton of salespeople offering me advertising space, then Fox 25 News came and did an interview.

If there is one thing (and there are many things) that I'm doing wrong in this campaign is that I'm not handling the media well. I like to be open and honest with people, to answer their questions, invite them into my home to make them feel comfortable and offer them a drink.
I expect the same from others. I have clearly found that the press is not to be trusted, especially the larger the outlet. They are usually not about journalism, or investigative reporting, they are about sensationalism. My fiance watched my interview with Joe Batenfield of Fox, as I talked on and on about my points, housing, education and access to government. Did any of that get into the piece on the evening news? Of course not, they edited it down to a point where they completely missed the point. It disrespected the viewers and myself by not presenting the issues and showing just a hollow view of who I am and why I am running.
Joe said to me when we were first talking that "20 years in this business have made me incredibly cynical." Well, Joe as the song says if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. And after seeing your segment, I think the scales are tipping towards the latter. I'm sure finding out that John Tobin might enjoy a ride in a sidecar is important information the voters can use. Don't hold your breath for that Edward R. Murrow award.
The press is so hypocritical. They call out in their opinion pages "why don't we have better candidates?" "Why are all the candidates from the same political families?" "Why can't we find people that don't just speak in soundbites?" Then when people come along and run they virtually ignore the issues that candidates might bring up to just talk about their background, or their idiosyncracies, while making sure to always follow the money not the issues. That is why we ended up with a presidential election of one rich white guy from a wealthy connected family who went to Yale versus another wealthy white guy from a connected family who went to Yale.

Well, anyway there is no such thing as bad press, and hopefully people will perhaps be curious enough about me to look at the website to judge me on more than soundbites.

New campaign rules: nothing but the issues!!!

On a positive note, I was on William Pena's show tonight "Tu opinion Cuenta". We got 1/2 an hour of time to talk about the issues with Clara translating wonderfully, like a lyric orchestra. She should be the candidate, so polished and photogenic, usually choosing just the right word(s).
When I get a forum to speak that can't be edited down, I feel most at ease because my points can come out. Muchas Gracias, Senor Pena.

On a second positive note, I had a wonderful time today at the Boston Home Inc meeting with a group of physically handicapped but mentally quite astute assemblage of citizens. They invited me to join them at the Concert Sunday in Dorchester Park. We will have a procession to check out the condition of the handicapped walkways before enjoying the show.
I feel so much more at ease with people who appreciate the gift of life, and how precious it is. I am not at ease with the pushy and entitled who always want more, more, more. The meek shall inherit the earth, I'd like to see it happen sooner rather than later.

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