Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Most Important Question to Ask the candidates....

To me the most important question to ask the candidates is whether they will meet in closed, private meetings with up to 6 other councilors to discuss the business of the city excluding the press and the public from the deliberative process of government.

If they refuse to answer or answer anything other than NO. Then you know that they won't be independent councilors who will speak for themselves and stand up for their constituents. Instead they will be "yes men" for the mayor and join the group of 9 current councilors who say "how high" when the mayor says "jump."

If, however, they agree that excluding the public and the press is a bad thing then they warrant a closer look and consideration for your vote. You should also ask them the question now, before the Open Meeting Lawsuit is concluded where there maybe a bandwagon to get on.

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