Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Shooting tonight...

There was just a shooting tonight at around 6:40 in the 1900 block of Columbus Avenue near Eggleston Square. A five year old girl maybe in critical condition. It was a drive by, with a man in hooded mask shooting from a car with a broken window.

The residents in the area have been complaining about the drug dealing and doing on the street intersecting W. Walnut and Columbus for a long time to the Boston Police and Politicians, but without response to the heightened security needs.

At the Dominican Parade members of the community came to me and asked me to visit to see the area. Coincidentally, I was there at around 1 pm today talking with the residents about how we need to stop giving away gifts to the rich so we can afford more police patrols.

My thoughts go out to the family and the community. Tomorrow I'm at another shooting event at Ramsey Park where kids were shot in a bicycle drive-by last week. I hope that many people will come out from 11:30 to 8 for this show of unity that we won't be intimidated, and that the community cares about their youth.


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