Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Kate's last day to college, sad to see her go

My summer interns are starting to head off to college and get ready for high school. Today was Kate Dormeus' last day. I'm having them each write a bit about their experience (unedited by me) Here is Kate's story:

One would think that it would be easy for a recent high school graduate and soon to be college freshman to get a summer job in the busy, industrial city of Boston. The truth of the matter is that it is very difficult, contrary to popular belief. I spent months during my senior year trying to find a job. Why did I want a summer job? To stay off the streets and to make a little money for school. I couldn't find a job anywhere until Kevin McCrea called my school (John D. O'Bryant School of Math and Science) and asked for a couple of students to work with him on his campaign. I was excited about this because I really wanted a job and I figured it would be a good experience. At the moment Kevin hired two seniors from the O'Bryant, myself and Amanda Barros. Our first task as McCrea's interns was to form a list of 10 questions to ask ten of the other candidates. These were simple questions pertaining to what they will do for the city if elected, questions that any constituent would ask. Amanda was assigned to interviewEdward Flynn, John Connolly, Patricia White, Michael Flaherty, and SamYoon. I was assigned to Matt O'Malley, Joseph Ready, Laura Garza, andFelix Arroyo. After two weeks of making phone calls and leaving messages for each of the candidates I have yet to conduct one interview with any of them. Although I am still 17 years old, I will be 18 years old by election day. Therefore I am a constituent and those interviews were for my personal benefit as well as the benefitof the campaign. Don't get me wrong, these candidates are good people,they are simply non-responsive. Two out of five candidates were interested in conducting the interview, Joseph Ready and Laura Garza, but it hasn't happened yet. Felix Arroyo and Stephen Murphy basically turned down my interview, while Matt O'Malley hasn't returned any of my phone calls. Now as I near the end of my internship as I have to go to school soon I've learned a lot from this experience, three things

1. Time is very precious
2. Always ask the right questions
3. Keep records of everything

Now I'm leaving this experience with a better view on politics,specifically Boston's politically realm. Thank you Kevin for doing what all the politicians say they want to do; keep teenagers off the streets, and for shedding light on the things going on in our city and wanting to take a stand. And don't worry...I'll never change to try and please you!

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