Monday, August 15, 2005

More City Assets Thrown Away Today

Today's episode concerns the Forsyth Institute.

The basic rundown is this. The Forsyth at 140 the Fenway wanted to trade the city of Boston a parcel of land that has easements and is stuck between two buildings that they admittedly have not been maintaining for 40 years in exchange for a parcel of land that the City owns which has no buildings around it, and is actually abutted on two sides by City Parkland. The square footage is equal.

In addition, the Forsyth actually paved over the city owned land 35 years ago and has been using it for their own use for all that time.

Where can I get 45 parking spaces in downtown Boston for free for 35 years???? SIGN ME UP!!!

How do I get deals like these, you might ask??

You hire Attorney Larry Dicara, former Boston City Councilor. When you need something done in this city, he is the man to call. An insider's insider. And a gentleman. Everywhere I run into him around the city, he says hello, asks how the campaign is going and is genuinely friendly. I believe he even signed my nomination papers. I am not being factitious when I say that if I wanted to get something done in Boston, I would hire him.

So, in a nutshell at Parks hearing where testimony was given as to how the public wasn't notified about this meeting, about how the city wasn't getting proper value for its money, and where Councilor Turner, and representatives from Senator Wilkinson's office, Councilor Arroyo's office and others asked to have the vote delayed, they voted on it and gave the Forsyth the property.

With no backpayment due.

With no payment for the switch of property.

With a proposed 9 story building which will exceed the zoning limit of 70 feet. But they have already spoke with the BRA and have some ideas on how to get it done. With no plan in regards the groundwater issues with putting a 3 story garage underground.

When I asked the Forsysth Institution representative if ANYONE from the city had asked them to back pay for the use of the land for 35 years, he said not one person asked them for the money.

I estimate conservatively, 40 spaces at $100 per month in 2005 dollars is $1,680,000 in back rent owed. They plan on spending 80 million dollars on the new building. In addition they have done a minimal at best job of providing free dental care to the children of Boston as is required in their charter to retain their 501(c)3 status.

Remember the buck stops with the man at the top on this one, and the Mayor's office was there (as well as a letter from councilor ross in support) to speak in support of the proposal.

Don't ever believe our current elected officials when they tell you there is not money for education or the children. They are giving it away by the bucket full to the rich and connected in Boston.

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