Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Baton twirling...

-A couple days ago I was called up by the Globe to talk about the Hyde Park Talent Show being held on September 25th. They've asked all the candidates to do a routine, or read poetry, tell a joke or something artistic. I answered the Globe that I was considering doing my standup routine I've been working on called "how to run for city council" which includes a lot of nothing, and the phrase "we need to do better", either that or twirl a baton. The Globe reporter said she had been talking to John Tobin who wondered if I was going to do some sort of Evil Knievel jump of a Hyde Park Chasm. That sparked the idea in my head that I could ask the other 14 City Council candidates to line up end to end, and I could jump over them with one of my dirtbikes. She thought it hilarious, ahhh, the possibilities......we could have a lottery just like the drawing at city hall thursday for poll position. I tell you, if Tobin and I got together we might be a good comedy team. He seems to have a comment about my motorcycle in the press every week.

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