Monday, August 22, 2005

The Roads suck

I have now been to nearly every corner of this fair city, often on two wheels and the condition of our city streets is pathetic. If they are bad in your neighborhood, don't feel you are being neglected. They are bad everywhere. My Harley-Davidson has a bent rim already from a particularly monstrous crater. Is there a place I can get compensated for this?

Many people, my fiance among them, have suggested that I just run on a platform of putting proper signage on the streets so people can find their way around.

If I was Mayor for 3 terms I would be embarrassed at the conditions of the streets. Their are many problems but some are:

-non professional running of DPW
-allowing street cuts on bonded streets
-not having a plan of how to deal with the streets

I have proposed making a 5 year plan for the streets. Make a schedule for all repaving. Currently they just meet each April and decide what to do. That is not good government. We need to let all the involved groups know when a street is going to be redone, say in three years. letters would go out to NSTAR, Keyspan, BW&S, MBTA, residents, and other groups with street utilities or interests. That way we can get all the needed future upgrades done ahead of time so that once the streets are repaved they won't need to be cut open again, which then causes potholes.

We just repaved Beacon Street last year for the convention, and now they are digging it up again. Such a waste of time, money, energy, etc, etc....

There is a lot of support for Maura Hennigan in the hushed tones of the streets. People are not overt, but in my completely unscientific poll there are a number of people out there who think she has a chance.

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