Thursday, August 04, 2005

National Night Out exhange with Flaherty...

The mayor was gracious enough to allow our Elect Kevin team to join him on a tour of the National Night Out sites around the city tuesday night. We hit 8 to 10 spots around the city and were joined by Commissioner O'Toole, Councilors Hennigan, Murphy, and Flaherty and candidates Flynn, O'Malley and Connolly went to a number of the events as well.
I can see how these elected officials could get used to these perks. Zooming around the city not stopping at any lights or stop signs was a lot of fun. Bruni, Amanda, Kate and fiance Clara joined me on the tour and we had a great time. We were playing Bob Marley and James Brown on our mega-speaker, getting the people rocking and smiling and jammin' was a great. What's a parade without music!! We are the campaign putting the Fun back in Fundraising!!!

Anyway, I met D.A. Conley for the first time. His office is the one that sent the letter to Flaherty and the City Council telling them not to have any more closed door meetings, before they continued having them. (Conley is a former city councilor)

As Conley and I were walking to our cars, Councilor Flaherty walked by and the following conversation ensued:

Conley "You're suing the City Councilor?" (as he pointed to Flaherty)

McCrea "He won't even shake my hand"

Flaherty "Drop your suit against me and I'll sit down with you and shake your hand"

McCrea "Meet with me and I'll give you back power over the BRA!"

Flaherty "Who needs it?"

So, apparently Councilor Flaherty does not believe that there should be any citizen oversight over the BRA who control all development and planning in the City. Who needs democracy?

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