Saturday, August 20, 2005

Oh, Oh, Oh, Jamie's leaving.....

Jamie Bezek, AKA, the "muscle" or the rapper left us yesterday to spend the rest of the summer vacationing before his junior year at the O'Bryant School. He was great, and as he mentions his interpersonal skills grew by leaps and bounds. He and the girls came up with a hilarious rap about the campaign that is not yet ready for prime time, but I've asked him to edit it and take out some of the personal cutdowns, and hopefully we will post it on the blog....and maybe get him to perform it later this year.

As with all my summer interns, I've asked them to write a bit about their experience (unedited) working on the Elect Kevin campaign.

Here's Jamie:

I really had an eye-opening and fun experience working for Kevin McCrea this summer. First off, I saw how hard it really is to get a job in Boston, especially if you start looking late. But, thankfully, Kevin called my school and hired me later in the summer. Also, I learned a little about politics as well, as I stood by and observed as my co-workers Amanda and Kate were ignored by the other candidates for City Council and looked on as the media ignored Kevin’s stance on any issues and instead wasted paper and ink writing an article about how much money he put into his campaign account. In addition, my people skills must have improved ten-fold. At first, I was extremely nervous walking up to complete strangers, but it’s much easier for me to walk up to people and just have a conversation. I had my own little project as well, which was to try and get some information on some construction projects around Boston through the BRA, or the Boston Redevelopment Authority. I did manage to get some information, but it only came after talking to many different people, leaving many answering machine messages, lots of transferred calls, and many questions about what I needed the information for. That’s why I hope Kevin gets elected for one of the seats on the City Council. I can say from personal experience that he isn’t just another rich guy running for office. He really wants to improve the city and seems like one of the only people who want to stand up and deal with the real issues affecting Boston, not to mention he most likely has the best sense of humor out of all the candidates. All in all, I really enjoyed my time working for Kevin and I wish him the best of luck. Thanks for the job, some money, and a great summer Kevin.

Thank you Jamie. I offered him an after school job, but he wants to make his schoolwork a priority. I can see BIG things in Jamie's future and not just an appreciation for Gladiator movies.

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