Tuesday, August 23, 2005

BRA screwing the people and lying again

I read in the Herald this morning that they developers of the tower where the old Historic Gaity theater was have already changed their plans from putting in rental housing on the upper floors to putting in expensive condominiums.
Already they quasi-legally took down the Gaity, one of the great theaters (especially acoustically) in the country. I thought that City Hall understood the value of preservation??? The people in Chinatown are afraid of escalating rents, but that is of course what is going to happen when the rich move in, with the complicity of the BRA and the politicians.

One more example of how the rich and connected get what they want in this town. What is particularly funny to me is how people think my $200,000 is alot of money. It is peanuts compared to these big time developers and corporations such as Gillette (pushing through the 100 acres directive with the BRA) That is why these people never get directly involved. It is much easier and cheaper to just buy politicians for a few thousands of dollars to get what you want, than to run and have the pundits talk about their money. The people that gave Arnold 10-100,000 dollars to sit with him at the stones concert would never run for office, it's not worth their time. If you gave any one of the 10 top city council candidates $350,000 and a good campaign manager they would be odds on favorites to get the free seat. And it is not hard for these business interests to raise that type of money. Look at who the big contributors to the campaigns. I believe that the law firm that is handling this tower project in chinatown has given over $20,000 to Menino's campaign. Coincidence??? I think not.

I have been calling Rick Shaklik at the BRA for weeks now with no reply about what the status of the zoning amendment to change the zoning in Dorchester and other neighborhoods so that the one politically connected family could have their house saved.

What a surprise, no open, honest, transparent work from the BRA. They are too busy taking care of the rich, and setting up sham public meetings. One of the members of the advisory board for parcel 3 in Roxbury told me that the reason things were moving so quickly is because it is an election year, the Mayor wants things done, and that he is sure that they already have a developer in mind for the project. You know things are a sham when a member of the advisory committee is saying that his own committee is a Sham.

Lets take a moment and read again the Declaration of Independence. We need to be freed!


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