Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Questions for the Candidates from the Elect Kevin Crew

Due to popular demand, we are posting the questions that Kate and Amanda are trying to ask all the candidates. So far, none have answered or even set up times to answer the questions. They are finding out as constituents and voters how unaccessable city officials (even those hoping to become city officials!) are.
By the way, everyone is invited to my house for an open house meet the candidate night on August 26th at 218 west springfield street in Boston. Come ask me your tough questions!!!

Here are the questions, that the kids and I and came up with:

1) What specific changes will you try and make in the school system inthe next 2 years to make it better?
2) Suggest a book you have recently read that would help a high schoolstudent prepare for college.
3) What steps will you take to reach out to the community?
4) What specific legislation will you work on to increase the supplyof housing in the city?
5) What are some of your goals to eliminate teen violence?
6) How will you work to bridge the racial divides in the city?
7) Name one way the mayor could do a better job.
8) As a councilor will you participate in "rolling meetings" of sixcouncilors or less that are not open to the press or public?
9) If you become Mayor, how many terms would you serve?

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the sak said...


How about a story
or interviews at city hall ?... about do boston
city clerks do what they can to maintain the docket and records
of our boston city council in an
arcane environment
inappropriate considering it's 2005?...

Is there a lack of computerization for our city council
considering it's 2005?...

Are important chronological filings not indexed alphabetically?...
not permutable alphabetically?...
not indexed topically?...
not permutable topically?,,,