Friday, August 26, 2005

Coyotes, Virgins, and Althea Garrison

I think it was councilor Tobin this week who convened a meeting to look into the coyote problem here in Boston. Now I feel sorry for the man whose dog was taken by the coyotes, but really don't we have more pressing needs here in the city? Mr. Tobin was quoted in the papers as saying that they would appoint a task force to look into the problem. Why don't we put in a task force that will look into how we could save 50 to 70 million dollars a year on busing costs, that is a committee that could really help us. Maybe we could appoint the Roadrunner, he seems like he knows how to get around, and he never gets caught by the coyotes.

Clara and I were watching At-Large candidate Roy Owens speak the other night. He talked about how society was ostracizing virgins. Well, we just want to let everyone know that we here at the Elect Kevin campaign DO NOT OSTRACIZE VIRGINS! In fact, we welcome them with open arms. Clara says they can come over any night between 7 and 10, so that they can get home by midnight. In all seriousness however, Roy did make some good points. He said that 85 percent of all drug users in america are white, but that 85 percent of those incarcerated for drugs are minorities. I didn't confirm the figures, but it points out some structural inequalities in our society that need to be addressed.

We also watched Althea Garrison. She too has some interesting things to say. Her campaign literature says "you can not rely or depend on the Boston Globe or Boston Herald to keep you informed because they are busy lobbying and supporting their favorite candidates who go along to get along". There is a lot of truth to that statement. It makes me think of the hypocrisy of the Boston Herald who has their star commentator Howie Carr talking about the Hackerama, of nepotism and cronyism almost every other day. Yet the Herald doesn't cover the Non-political family candidates. I've barely seen mention of Matt O'Malley (who maybe in the lead right now), Sam Yoon, myself, let alone a Roy Owens or Althea Garrison who both received I think over 10,000 votes last election. They did have one of their columnists write a softball piece about Ed Flynn and his dad visiting a church social. Hard hitting commentary there. It almost seems as if they want to continue the nepotism to continue writing about it..hmmmnnn.

It is actually interesting to me how similar Althea and Ed are on the issues. They both talk about wanting to work for the homeowners, the elderly and veterans. Neither has a lot of details about what they would do if elected. Maybe if Althea worked as hard as Ed is (and Ed is working very hard, I see him everywhere, I'm yet to see Althea) she would have the kind of support Ed does. Yeah, right.

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