Monday, August 22, 2005

Debates and the Pathetic State of Democracy in Boston

I will write more about this later. But it is a disservice to the citizens of Boston that there are not more mayoral debates. If any of the media outlets had any real independence or guts they would hold a debate and see who comes. The local TV channels should hold 2 or 3 debates on housing, education and perhaps another topic. If one of the opponents doesn't show, let the other talk for the whole time on TV.

The fact that this isn't done shows how much power is concentrated with the rich and connected and how they don't want to rock the boat or have true discussion about the direction the city is going.

We are all the worse for it. Lincoln and Douglas are both rolling in their graves. We are not living up to being the Athens of America.

Come on fourth estate, if you want to be relevant make yourself so.


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