Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yoon and Flaherty bury the hatchet!

Yoon and Flaherty have a joint press conference today announcing they will work together to unseat the Mayor. I'm happy that Yoon got Flaherty to agree to term limits. The race is shaping up as a real choice between old and new.

I just tried to call City Hall yesterday to find out how I could help with the foreclosed property issue. I got transferred to three people and then sent to a phone that just kept ringing and ringing (remember, No voice mail at City Hall). This is the incompetence that pervades the Menino regime.

It needs to change!


the zak said...

Boston City Council

By email please send this "transactional" as Boston City Council's Ann Hess Braga indicated for the last public meeting of our Boston City Council...

On 9/29/09, Ann Hess Braga, Ann.Braga at cityofboston.gov wrote:
>"You will be able to view how the Council stenographer completes her work on the transactional minutes during the Council meeting tomorrow. As we have discussed before, the actual output is in shorthand code, specific to the particular stenographic machine operator, and the actual output serves as a personal reference to the stenographer when working with the Clerk to complete the official minutes of the Council meeting."

Better scopist services, records retention, records management and archiving are needed for Boston City Council, current technology, current software making more readily available online all the records created from Council public meetings, see also

the zak said...

>On 10/1/09, Ann Hess Braga Ann.Braga at cityofboston.gov wrote:
>"As we have discussed regarding previous requests, the output of the stenographer's machine is on strips of paper and not available in electronic format.
>"The resulting paper is written in stenographic shorthand that is customized to the stenographer's notes.
>"For a previous request we provided you with an estimate for photocopying the strips of paper and sending them to you.
>"I refer you to my response to your request of August 2007 where I outlined the time and cost to be incurred for production of the hard copy of these records.
>"Further, I refer you to my response to your records request of April 2007 for the details concerning the contract for stenographic services.
>"Have a great day!"

the zak said...

Stenographic machine data is computer processed. By email please send that file for the last public meeting of our Boston City Council.