Monday, September 07, 2009

How the Mayor uses the City Councilors close to him to "scale back" legislation

Here is an email from Molly Dunford, the Mayor's Liaison to the City Council, to the BRA letting them know that they got Mark Ciommo to "scale back" some language that Sam Yoon was calling for about Boston College's Institutional Master Plan.

Keep in mind that Ciommo filed a disclosure form in the prior January stating that he would recuse himself from any City Council business involving BC because his son was awarded a scholarship from BC.

I post this just to shed some light on how things work at City Hall. When the Mayor tries to claim that the BRA is independent of City government, emails like this show how things really work. The Mayor has his pulse on everything. Note the CC: to Michael Kineavy.

Michael Colby

Deputy Director for Strategic Policy Initiatives

Boston Redevelopment Authority

One City Hall Square

Boston, MA 02201-1007


From: Dunford, Molly
Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2009 5:13 PM
To: Colby, Michael
Cc: Kineavy, Michael
Subject: late file

Hey Mike

Ciommo just gave me a heads up that Yoon is late filing an order on the BRA's process re: BC. Ciommo signed on and got him to scale back the language on it, but he said it is most likely coming from the Brighton Neighbors United group. It is critical of the board vote in January and the issue with the Zoning Commission in March. They didn't have the language yet, but they will get it to me as soon as they do. I'll keep you posted.

Mayor's Liaison to the City Council

Intergovernmental Relations, Room 968

617-635-4493 (phone)

617-635-3289 (fax)

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