Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Please Vote for Kevin McCrea today

Dear Friends,

I hope that you vote for me today. I guarantee that you will feel good about the vote, that you won't feel that the vote is wasted. Every vote that I receive is a vote against the status quo. It is a vote against timid politicians who go along to get along until they want more power and then they make empty promises which can not be verified or backed up.

I have made specific promises, to work in the schools every week, to put a few more cops on the street, to stop giving property and tax breaks away to connected insiders, to eliminate the BRA and even out the balance of power at City Hall.

I once heard someone say, "promise only what you can deliver, and deliver more than you promise". That is the essence of my campaign. There are no empty promises from me and you will get more than just words from me.

I will make Boston government the most open, honest and accountable in the country. I will value education first, and cut funds from schools last. I won't raise taxes when we have a spending problem.

I will answer questions, ask questions and engage the community. I look forward to bringing Boston to its potential.


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Christopher King said...

Kudos to you Kevin, for being the most (only) truly progressive candidate in the race. You have done more than merely change the discourse of the campaigns, you have opened a trajectory of change for Boston, and you deserve to be running this City.

Peace my Brother.