Monday, September 14, 2009

Catch me on WBZ tonight at 10 pm

I'll be discussing all things Boston with Dan Rea tonight at 10 pm.


Christopher King said...

Sorry I missed it Kevin.

Speaking of WBZ, former BZ reporter and Boston Strangler investigative writer Casey Sherman informs that the release date of his book, "Bad Blood: Freedom and Death in the White Mountains" regarding the Franconia shooting tragedy has been advanced to 1 October.

I'll be most curious to see his comments and observations regarding the case in general, and my efforts at exposing the Truth through Open Records litigation in specific.

Keep on keepin' on Kevin.

the zak said...

The Boston City Hall culture is one of deflecting enquiries that relate to public records and sunshine open meetings. The City Clerks Office, City Clerk, Assistant City Clerk, the hundred or so Boston City Council staff, Council Central Staff, Council Staff Director, the City Messenger and City Stenographer routinely deflect.

The Council Staff Director emotionally extorts by threatening to remove your email address from Council communications email lists if enquiry for public records continue. The City Clerks Office censors Council minutes to an all too brief arcane format that makes it too difficult to interpret the proceedings, transactions and Councilors' debate.

The City Stenographer uses out of date software and keeps the stenographic machine record at home not at City Hall.

More up to date scopistry professionals use stenographic software that has features like closed captioning for Council webcasts that would make public meetings accessible for folks with hearing loss. More up to date scopistry professionals stenographic software would cost less than what the City Budget alots for the City Stenographer.

The City Stenographer has been grandfathered in for too long without effectively reaching out to competing stenographic and scopist professionals that do it better, cost less and are ethical about public records.

A new City Clerk and Council Staff Director are needed more up to date about technological advances, more up to date about municipal software.

What does the City Messenger really do?... other than deflect access to the City Departments Annual Reports kept on shelves at Boston City Council. A knowledgeable journalist, an effective reporter would look into the ethics of the people in these roles of our municipal government.