Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As predicted, the AG won't do anything to enforce the Law

The Boston Herald today reports that the AG has said she won't investigate the email controversy at City Hall. At the press conference with Yoon and Flaherty on Monday I talked about how I had little faith in Massachusetts Law enforcement. It is only the Feds that find out corruption, Wilkerson, Dimasi, etc.

This is why I didn't sign on to the letter that Yoon and Flaherty sent to the AG and DA. But I did send along emails to Secretary or State Galvin's office who actually has done something about it.

This is the problem of one problem rule, which is a problem, even though I'm a democrat. When the Fox guards the Henhouse don't be surprised when corruption happens.


John said...

I sent an email to the Mayor's office in March of 2005 complaining about a problem at ISD. I still have the email in my system to prove it. I never heard back from them and my problems at ISD continued to mount. They blocked me every step of the way and I am about to lose everything.

Christopher said...

Well don't feel bad, Kevin.

In NH they had a look-the-other-way except when a cop is killed AG named Kelly Ayotte, an elephant who thankfully resigned recently, allegedly to run for U.S. Senate.

What was particularly dangerous there is you had a do-nothing AG who is a Donkey.

Together they effectively insulated themselves from attack, think about it.

Keep on keeping on, Sir!


the zak said...

It's been problematical that the district attorneys offices handle sunshine open public meeting concerns while they have life and death matters to prosecute. With that changing how can we trust the Massachusetts AGO ?... What about the State Ethics Commission? Or the Massachusetts Office of the Inspector General ?