Friday, September 11, 2009

Many, many emails from citizens with things to investigate

Here is an example of some of the things that people have emailed me to look into. There have been allegations of voter fraud, land deals, and illegal apartments. Of course, with my campaigning I haven't had time to investigate them all but some have already checked out and I have reported them to the proper authorities. Rest assured, if I become Mayor we will not tolerate this corruption.

Dear Kevin,
You have brought to light many issues concerning corruption in City Hall. One other area of corruption is the Boston Inspectional Service Division of Environment Division. This division is responsible for controlling the Rat (which only a few are licensed pest control exterminators) population in Boston neighborhoods and for overseeing and issuing site cleanliness permits. Both the rat and site cleanliness is already being enforced by either the Housing, Health Division, and Code Enforcement. Which clearly this Division is unnecessary. If you look closely into the inspectors in this division you will see that they DO NOT give a full days work. They are off doing personal business and/or at their homes. Most never return to the office to sign out in fact a few of them claim to be on the so called early shift which is untrue. Work hours are stated in their union contact as 8 AM-4 PM, You spoke of drug testing these inspectors operate city vehicles and are only required to be drug and alcohol tested if involved in an accident, over the past few years a few of them have been involved in accidents and have not been tested. In all actually majority of them have a history of drug and alcohol abuse and the city enables them to continue to abuse. I know of at least 2 who have spent time in prison.

I am hoping you will take time out of your busy schedule to investigate this and the other emails I have sent over the past week.

IT IS TIME TO END GOVERNMENT WASTE! You are right on the money!!

Regards and best wishes in your quest to become Mayor of Boston!

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